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Shear Flow in Bult Up Beams and Connectors Caculation

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Box wood section

A box beam is made by nailing together four boards as in the illustrated configuration. The beam supports a concentrated load of 1000 lb at its midspan, the beam is simply supported. If each nail can withstand an allowable shear force of 150 lb, what is the maximum spacing Ds that can be used?


Reference: Roy, R., Craig, JR., Mechanics of Materials, 1996, John Wiley and Sons. Page 325.

Filename Graig_p325.SHD





To compute the result shear V, after calculation of the geometric properties in ShapeDesigner select the CustomDesign component as described above and select the corresponding category (simply supported beam). Set the applied load to 1000lb and press  the check category button to extract the results.




Mixed Section: Steel-Concrete

A composite beam is made up of a stab concrete slab pinned to a steel I shape. If the shear force Vy is 325KN and each connector can withstand an allowable shear capacity of 45KN, what is the maximum spacing that can be used Ds? Given is Elastic modulus: Esteel=8*Econcrete


Reference: A-G Cote. Mécanique des solides déformable.  Page 575.

 Filename: Cote-Bult-Up-575.SHD


The given values and the result obtained by ShapeDesigner: