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Choose Print from the File menu


Click OK or Print to print out the section and the properties table


If you want to print the mesh, from the Mesh menu select the Print… option. The mesh will be printed using the same parameters as those specified in the Mesh & Computing tab. Those parameters are Show/hide axes, Show/hide node ids, Show/hide element Ids, Show/hide material colors



To generate a PDF report, in the Results tab, in the results menu select the Print Graphical Results… option. The following dialog is displayed for you to select the content of the PDF report.




The Print Drawing Section Geometry option will print the content of the view area as displayed when the Axis tab of the View toolbox is selected. Select the elements (centroid, principal axes…) you want to appear in the printed report (see “The Axes Properties Tab” section above) from the Axis tab before printing.


The Print Calculated Geometric Properties option will print the numerical results of the section properties.


The Print Isovalues Axial and Equivalent Stresses and Print Isovalues Shear Stresses option will print a printer friendly representation of the specified stresses.