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How to add you own Design file (equations file):

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In shape Designer the CustomDesign component read the beams library from a file


The file “CustomLibraryFilesList.CDF” contains the list of the categories that will be included in the beams library

The format of file “CustomLibraryFilesList.CDF” is:



NC     Number of categories

Category name (1), category filename (1)



Category name (NC), category filename (NC)



The file “CustomLibraryFilesList.CDF” is saved in the “Beamslibrary” directory


../ShapeDesigner/Beamslibrary/ CustomLibraryFilesList.CDF

Each category is saved in it’s category filename in the directory “Beamslibrary”

Each new category will be saved in its category filename in the directory “Beamslibrary”



DesignFilesList.CDF format:




For example, if you desire to add a Design Verification Code for cold formed steel so you can do it by adding new file called (for example) coldFormedSteel2005.CDF. And at the end of the file “DesignFilesList.CDF”add the line:

coldFormedSteel2005, coldFormedSteel2005.CDF

Do not forget to change the total number of categories to the new number one (old number of categories +1) in the second line.