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Symbolic Function

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Symbolic function, is a component use Shape Designer to draw a shape or portion of shape by it’s mathematical formula. Sometimes, drawing a profile is very difficult because a complex geometry, In Shape Designer if the mathematical formula of shape is known, it very easy to draw it with symbolic component. Example below, show how to use this component simply, to draw a complex geometry.



It is a geometry of a combination of two functions, x=ky2 and y=kx2 (k=1)









Centroid  Xc


Centroid  Yc


J (Torsion Constant)


Cw (Warping Constant)


Xs Shear Center


Ys Shear Center


Neutral Angle in Deg


Elastic Section Modulus Sx


Elastic Section Modulus Sy


Plastic Section Modulus Zpx


Plastic Section Modulus Zpy


Shape Coefficient X-direction


Shape Coefficient Y-direction