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Section Optimization (general sections)

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The Section Optimization component is used to optimize the geometry boundaries I order to get a desired value of specific variable. The variables that we can use in the optimization process are:

A:                Area of the cross section

Ixc                Moment of inertia about x axis through centroid

Iyc                Moment of inertia about y axis through centroid

Ioc                Polar moment of inertia about origin of the centroidal axes

Stx                Elastic Modulus about x axis at top

Sbx                Elastic Modulus about x axis at bottom

Sty                Elastic Modulus about x axis at top

Sby                Elastic Modulus about y axis at bottom

Zx                Plastic Modulus about y axis

Zy                Plastic Modulus about y axis

rx                Radius of gyration about x axis

ry                Radius of gyration about y axis