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Warping constant Calculator Software

Warping constant

The Warping constant is one of the cross section properties that is calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS software. See the full list of cross section properties calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS. Go to the ShapeDesigner product page.

More Info on Warping constant

The warping constant (Principal sectorial moment of inertia) is explained in the ShapeDesigner User Guide in chapter 6 in the theoretical backgroud section. You may view the user guide here.

True Warping Constant

ShapeDesigner has no restrictions on the types of sections (multi-material, composites, build-up, thick-walled) for the calculation of the warping constant. There is no general method to compute this property without using a finite element approach. For trival shapes, one can use Roark''s Formulas for stress & Strain, 6th Edition, Warren C. Young.

Excerpt from Warping Constant Documentation

The number of divisions per circle is used to specify the number of linear segments to approximate circles. ShapeDesigner approximates circles for the automatic meshing of the domain used for the computation of the warping constant (Cw). Warning: If you are planning to calculate the warping constant (Cw), setting a high number of divisions per circle is not recommended. In fact, you should use the minimum number of divisions required giving a reasonable approximation of the circle. If you are not planning to calculate these constants, having a large number of steps is not a problem. The preferences dialog may be invoked at any time by clicking on the Preferences icon of the toolbar or from the Options menu by clicking Preferences. Click OK when you are done.

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List of Cross-Section Properties

You may view the Full List of Cross-Section Properties calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS.

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