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Torsion constant Calculator Software

Torsion constant

The Torsion constant is one of the cross section properties that is calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS software. See the full list of cross section properties calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS. Go to the ShapeDesigner product page.

More Info on Torsion constant

The torsion constant is explained in the ShapeDesigner User Guide in chapter 6 in the theoretical backgroud section. You may view the user guide here.

Real Torsion Constant

Contrary to most softwares available, ShapeDesigner makes no assumptions or restrictions on the calculation of shear and torsion section properties. ShapeDesigner uses an advanced and efficient finite element approach to calculate these constants. The complexity of the finite element approach is hidden from the user. There is no general method for computing shear and torsion section properties without using this finite element approach.

Segment from Torsion Constant Documentation

Select the Section Analysis and Loads tab of the Analysis and Loads Input dialog. All parameters to perform section analysis are grouped under this tab. If you want to compute the torsion constant or to perform a stress analysis, check J and Cw Constants. Checking this option switches from CAD mode to Meshing mode (see next page). The section is automatically meshed using a very low-density mesh. To change the mesh density, on the toolbar, click on the Mesh Density horizontal scrollbar. To re-mesh the section, on the toolbar, click on the Meshing Geometry icon.

More info on the "Torsion constant" cross section property may be found at

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List of Cross-Section Properties

You may view the Full List of Cross-Section Properties calculated by ShapeDesigner SaaS.

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