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ShapeDesigner Environment

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The Shape Designer environment is shown in the picture below.


The status bar at the bottom provides contextual help, hints and messages. It displays the current filename, the mouse position and the centroïd of the selected shapes.



Shear and Torsion Properties


Shape Designer makes no assumptions or restrictions on the calculation of shear and torsion properties. Shape Designer uses an advanced and efficient finite element approach to calculate these constants. For more complicate properties, see chapter 4.



License Status Description

With ShapeDesigner SaaS you can subscribe to one of three existing licenses.


1.Professional Unlimited License: this is a yearly professional subscription license with unlimited calculation and modeling



2.Professional Floating License: this is a yearly professional subscription floating license with unlimited calculation and modeling. If the floating license is already in use and you sign in with the same floating license account in another computer, the license status will appear as trial license.




3.Free Trial License: this is a free trial subscription license with limited calculation and modeling. User can compute section properties for sections with maximum 2 shapes and 12 points.