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Moving Shapes (and Holes) with the Pointer (or arrow keys)

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To move a shape with the mouse pointer, select the shape, then, from the Shape menu click Move. You can also click the Move Selected Shape by Mouse icon in the CAD tab of the CAD & Data tab of the toolbox. The selected shape becomes movable. Move the shape using the left mouse button in the drawing area or using the arrow keys. When you release the left mouse button, the shapes return to the unmovable state. Click the right mouse button or on the Option icon of the CAD tab to return to the unmovable state. If a shape containing holes is moved, all its holes are also moved.


If you want to move all shapes, from the CAD and Data tab of the toolbox, select the CAD sub tab. Click Move All Shapes by Mouse.


See the “Moving Shapes Accurately” section of this document for a more accurate method of moving shapes and holes.