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Composite Section

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The composite section shown in Figure at left is used as simply supported beam. If the maximum bending moment in the beam is 216,000 in.-lb, determine the stress distribution in the aluminum and in the wood. The elastic moduli for aluminum and wood are 10x106 psi and 1.25x106 psi, respectively.


Reference: R. Nelson. , Bauld, JR., Mechanics of Materials, 1982, Brook/Cole Engineering Division, Monterey, California.

Filename: Alumin-Wood-5-23-new.SHD





All these results, including the stresses results are obtained directly from shape designer,  note that in shape designer you can compute stress in any location by just click the mouse at the location in drawing view (or input exact values (x,y) from key board)  and the results are update.


The figure shown, gives the bending stress distribution in the composite section.